Say What You Mean & Mean What You Say


Words Have Power 

Very Young, I learned how the words we use can make or break a heart. Words carry baggage from person to person, and what may bolster one, may trigger another. 


As a woman, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a survivor,  a former Mormon, and now an author and writer, I've wielded words of love, spit careless phrases that damaged, worked to heal said damage, and hope my words from this day forward may affect change for the better.   


May we all pause and choose our words with care. When in doubt search it out before you spit it out. Always remember, what you say may be the shove that pushes someone over the edge or the life raft that saves them. Whether you believe it or not, words are the most damaging weapons. Use your power wisely. Communicate with care; humanity needs it!