Who am I, and where did I come from?

What if the fate of the world depended on you knowing the answers to these questions?

For the Hobbelstocks—Finn, Lent, Milt, and Braelle—not knowing their ancestry puts them in grave danger. The Ashen Order, the world's oldest and darkest society, has suspected who the Hobbelstock children are, and their spies have been waiting and watching them. 

After the last bell of the school year rings--the Order strikes.

The Hobbelstock children escape but are separated. Through several mishaps,  encounters with monsters, and a handful of injuries, they regroup and find the hidden city of Mohr—the land of their ancestors.

 However, in Mohr, their real journey begins.

Lent Nathaniel

13 years old

Milstien Connor

9 years old

Finneaus William

15 years old

Braelle Marissa

5 years old

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