I love telling stories, and ever since my kids were little I have been creating tales to teach them, entertain them, and comfort them.


I remember as an eight-year-old I sat in my bed and tried to read and understand Agatha Christie's: Murder On The Orient Express. I didn't understand everything, but I loved the thrill and twists.That was the first  time I imagined being a writer. 


My kids have asked me which character in Escape To Mohr they are. In truth, none of them. Though, the Hobbelstocks have many of their characteristics and attributes, no single character is exactly like any of them. However, I do have two kiddos with heart issues, three boys and a girl, and all of them have spunk and get into creative mischief.


I hope you enjoyed spending time with the Hobbelstocks.  If you want to see more, please complete a positive review on Amazon, and keep your eyes out for book two coming soon.

Thanks again, and read on.

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Photographs by Mindy Warman