I love telling stories.Ever since my kids were little I have been creating tales to teach them, entertain them, and comfort them.


I remember as an eight-year-old, in my bed with Agatha Christie's: Murder On The Orient Express open in my lap. While many nuances slipped by my tender mind, I loved the building tension, the  suspense and shocking twist, Agatha Christie used.I was hooked. I knew someday I would be a writer. 


My kids have asked multiple times, "Which character am I in your book?"  Though, the Hobbelstocks have many of their characteristics and attributes, no single character is exactly one of my darlings. However, I do have two kiddos with heart issues, three boys and a girl, and all of them have spunk and traverse the realms of creative mischief daily.


I hope you enjoy spending time with the Hobbelstocks.  While I finish my MFA I have pulled my books off the market, to keep consistency throughout the series. Stay tuned for second editions and book three coming 2023.

Thanks again, and read on.

E-Mail: hobbelstocks@gmail.com

Photographs by Mindy Warman