Be the answer to a Mother's Prayer,

Updated: Jan 15

A dear friend of mine shared this in the comments of another post.

I have a son that chose to leave the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. My experience with him has changed how I treat the "travelers" with whom I come in contact.

As a member of the Relief Society presidency for the last two years, I took the opportunity to reach out via text to new sisters when their records appeared on our ward list, welcoming them and asking to meet with them to get to know them.

A couple of times when I did this, I received the following responses: "My husband and I are taking a break from church" and "I am not interested in attending Relief Society". Without the personal experience with my own child, I likely would have took their responses as invitations to leave them alone and left it at that.

But, instead, I responded with, "That's okay. I am still interested in getting to know you. Is it okay if I give you a call?"

I then received open responses from both of these women and it led to friendship. I kept in regular contact with them throughout the time that they lived near me. They knew that I was a neighbor that they could call on, if needed.

One of them poured out her heart and shared her story of when she told her parents of her break from the church. Their response was so hateful, telling her she would go to hell and basically disowned her. No wonder she had said she wanted nothing to do with Relief Society!

I tried to treat these women like I hope the members of the church in my son's area will treat him when they find out that he is not into the church.

Both of these women have recently moved away, but I have continued to send greetings their way, so that they know that they are important to me, even when they are not in my ward.

Love knows no boundaries.

Remember--Everyone is Someone's Son or Daughter.

A Mother's Prayer

Dear God,

Please send someone kind to love my son/daughter. To see their beautiful heart, as I would, when I am so far away!


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