Dear Brother,

Dear Readers,

I am LDS and have been my whole life. My parents raised each of us in the church and it’s really all we knew. After 45 or so years my brother (whom I love very much) and his wife decided that the best thing for their family was to leave the LDS church. At the beginning stages of this came different emotions for all involved.

I felt my brother wanted to teach us things; he wanted us to know why he left, and at the time I was just trying to get a handle on his choice. I was trying to wrap my head around why my brother decided the only religion I (we) ever really knew was not something he believed in.

At times there was tension and criticism from both directions, especially on social media, which all makes sense looking back because we all want to be validated for our decisions. These criticisms hurt all involved. At times I was confused about intentions and why such hurtful things were being said about the church I loved. I now understand my brother felt hurt when we wouldn’t try to understand him or what he was going through.

At times, I think we hurt each other’s feelings. I'm grateful we never got so upset that we shut each other out for good. I learned a lot about letting time heal, but also a lot about unconditional love.

The biggest thing I never wanted was to loose was my brother's love or his family’s love.

We were able to understand our different beliefs and be good with each other. I actually learned a lot from him about how to be better and how to live better. I learned we all can love a little better, live a little better, accept change, and accept the people in our life who give us new perspectives.

I know my religion is good; I also know my brother and what he believes is good. Together it makes really good 😊 This is the case because both parties decided to make efforts to understand, be humble, show forgiveness, and yup…it took that unconditional love.

Love Wins AGAIN!

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