The Truth of All Things (Part 2)

Sunday 4:00PM MST

Sound familiar?

Doing things "in the name of good" or for "service" does not excuse crossing boundaries

Fortunately, I live in an area where the ward members are very polite and respectful. Members text and ask permission to reach out, share anything, or even if we want to be invited to activities, etc. Not all Travelers (aka ex-Mormons) receive the same courtesy.

TRAVELERS: How many times have family members, ward members, or missionaries ambushed you with messages, treats, etc?

(I personally am easily bought with sweats, and I never turn down baked goods. However, I cannot speak for everyone.)

How does it make you feel when members bring you treats, leave magazines on your porch, or bring treats to your children with a message attached? Share in the comments concerns, feelings, or thoughts.

MEMBERS: Why do you share messages even though you know they're not interested? We understand you feel the obligation to reach out and serve, but unless it is in the true spirit of friendship, meaning you will come and accept us as we are, short-shorts, tank tops, and any kind of beverage that's not real friendship and we can feel it.

TRAVELERS: How can you respond peacefully? How can you make your boundaries known politely?

MEMBERS: Some of us still want to be friends, but just friends. Can you let go of the need to save us and just sit with us? We love all of you. Will you do the same?

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